Daily Diving

A set of experiments forever. The chance to come face to face with a Manta Ray or maybe even with a huge and friendly Whale Shark is real in São Vicente arguably one of the best islands for diving in Cape Verde.

Trumpet Fishes, Surgeon Fishes, Puffer Fishes, but also Nurse Sharks, Turtles, Moray Eels, Frog Fishes, are a few of the very abundant species that can be seen in most of our spots, allowing endless possibilities to photographers, or even any diver who ever lived the thrill of being a few inches of such beautiful animals.

Biodiversity and quantity are such that one often feels more like being in a huge aquarium, completely surrounded by indescribable movement and color!

We dive every day, either from our Mindelo dive-base, using our own RIB boats, either from our Sao Pedro dive-base, using the fisherman boats and also our RIB boats. The sea conditions determine the departing point of our daily dives. Sometimes, when conditions are ideal we may even start our journey from both Mindelo and São Pedro.

We do a two tank-dive in the morning and divers usually go out at 8.30-9.00 and are back at 12.30-13.00. If sea conditions allow it, we can also go out in the afternoon and even go out for a night dive.

In any circumstances, we have always at least one dive-guide that leads the group and we always adapt the difficulty of the dive to the level of our group: although, obviously, we take into account everybody expectations, security of the divers is our top priority.