Maintenance and boat repairs time.

Maintenance and boat repairs time.

From time to time we need to do maintenaince to everything we have, from diving gear (normally we buy new one), to compressors, from cars to boats, now its boat maintenaince time !!

We continue to do all daily dives, but in Sao Vicente we are back to also use the Fishermen wooden boats, in fact we never stop using them, because a lot of our costumers ask for it and love it, but with all the Divers we have actually, we need to be fast to reach the dive spots, thats why we use Inflatable rib boats, we have four now, and one pneumatic army style, and we are waiting for a new one that is on construction and we hope arrives in summer…

From all the ribs we have all are in maintenaince and repairs, here the elements are very very rought and we need to take a lot care of them, working all yearound, under strong sun rays, salt water, people and tanks on, waves sometimes on chanel etc etc.

Our ‘Maria Cachuxa’ its ready and running in Santo Antao (we put a new motor) and repairs the hull, The ‘Maria Catchupa’ ‘Suruba’ and ‘Carapau de corrida’ are still in maintenance and repairs, we are allways wait from parts that come from Japan and Europe, and sometimes take so much time…but we choose to live, work and dive in the westernmost point of Africa we need to pay the price…

Hope that all our costumers understand, thank you for your time (we already spent a couple of weeks with it).

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