São Macário shipwreck

São Macário shipwreck

This is an amazing dive, very easy, suitable for all levels and with an immense quantity of fish! This is really one of the dives you should not miss in São Vicente.

Sao Macario is the name of a 100 m Liberty Ship type that sank in the bay of Mindelo more than 50 years ago. The ship star having problems far away, near the coast of Santo Antao, but was able to reach the protect bay of Mindelo, hoping that it could be repaired. Unfortunately, damages were too difficult to fixed and the ship finished by sunk in around 16 metres of depth, right in front of Lazareto.

The dive normally starts at the front of the boat, when it reaches its maximum depth of 16-17 meters, depending on the tide. Divers usually start by exploring the outside part of the wreck, where they usually can find very interesting life: rays, turtles, jacks and tuna, and many more.

When exploring the ship’s deck, divers are astonished by the amount and the diversity of like, where large schools of fishes are resting and hiding from the predators: clouds of damsels, surgeons, soldiers, glass-eyes, squire, trumpet, and many others… an incredible show of life!

The structure of the ship is quickly deteorating, but there are still some sections in good condition, namely the propeller, impressive by his size!
Given the low depth and the generally good sea conditions in terms of visibility, current etc., this dive can be a really long dive! Sometimes it is hard for the Dive-Tribe dive-guides to convinced divers to return to surface!

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