Where to stay

We have a solution for you, weather you decide to stay at Foya Branca laying down on the beautiful beach of Sao Pedro, profiting of the gentle breeze and the wonderful sun of Cape Verde or decide to stay within the city of Mindelo, taking advantage of the amazing life of this beautiful city, with its restaurants, shops, bars, museums!

Although Foya Branca Resort is Dive-Tribe’s main commercial partner, we have also preferential agreement with 11 different hotels in São Vicente, mostly in the city of Mindelo, providing also an interesting alternative in terms of stay.

Meet our partner: Foya Branca Hotel

Foya Branca is Dive-Tribe’s main and historical partner, where we have one of our diving basis. Two minutes from the Airport, “Foya Branca Hotel & Villas”, its framework, exemplary advantage of its location on São Pedro Bay, opposite a beautiful secluded beach, the serene atmosphere that provides, pleasant disposition and diversity of spaces, deserves the choice for this adventure by the two most northern islands of Cape Verde.
The hotel consists of 12 junior suites, 4 triples, 52 doubles all equipped with air conditioning, and 6 villas with 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments with kitchenette. All units are equipped with safe, minibar, telephone, TV, shower (hot and cold water) and hairdryer.
The various structures of fun (Swimming Pools, Gym, Tennis, Playground, ……) and leisure activities (trips, Bikes, Hiking, Fishing, Diving, “Windsurfing”, “surf”, ….) fulfill the general wills of any guest. The dining areas offer a varied menu, combining the Cape Verdean and European cuisine, deserving particular reference to high quality and taste of its cuisine. In memory of who goes there is indelibly marked the feeling of comfort and peace that emanates throughout the unit. The strange this is not your own spatial conception but also the friendliness and education helpful service personnel without being noticed is always present and available.

Featured hotels

Casa Café Mindelo

Casa Café Mindelo is a city touristic project in Mindelo, a town located in the bay of Porto Grande, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, on the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde.
The house is situated on the coast road, surrounded by the historical area. Its 21 windows are overlooking the quiet ocean and the pulse of the streets ornamented with acacia trees and the bustle of people. The scenery is composed by markets, cars, saleswomen, churches, art studios, game corners, barber shops, fresh fish, tropical fruit, travelers, taverns and sailors where the memories of a time of “Sancent sab” extend on clear days. When the sun sets on Monte Cara, the house falls asleep with the murmurs of the waves and the bohemian nightlife resonates far away in a warm voice, “It is sweet to die in the sea …”
With its three floors, Casa Café Mindelo, provides its visitors a relaxed, familiar and cozy environment. The first and second floors feature seven comfortable, large bedrooms facing the bay and contemplating the movement of the boats. It also includes a terrace inspired by the Moroccan patios, equipped with a barbecue and delicately swept by the warm sea wind.

Terra Lodge

A stunning view of the Mindelo Bay and the colourful houses covering the surrounding hills. A quiet garden where bananas, dates, soursops and coconuts grow and chirpy sparrows nose about. A swimming pool for a few strokes or a hammock to relax in while enjoying the sun setting on the ocean…
You are at Terra Lodge, overlooking the small historical centre of Mindelo, home town of singer Cesaria Evora, major hotspot for carnival and Cape Verdean culture, sheltered harbour for transatlantic travellers where one can take a ferry to go and explore the neighbouring mountainous island of Santo Antao.
With their genuinely contemporary and ecological architecture, the 12 rooms seem to be responding to the colonial style of the old house they are surrounding, therefore combining contemporary comfort with the character and appeal of historic heritage.

Residencial Arla

The Arla Residential is located in the center of Mindelo. but very close to the diving center and also just minutes away from Praia da Laginha. With a familiar and cosy atmosphere Arla has 11 bedrooms, 4 doubles, 5 with twin beds, 1 single and 1 triple.
2 of the double rooms and the single room have private bathroom, TV and air conditioner. 2 double rooms have a balcony and an amazing view of Mindelo and the bay of Porto Grande. The other rooms have ventilator and shared bathrooms. Continental breakfast.

Blue Marlin Hotel

Official opening of the Blue Marlin Hotel was in march 2018, Blue Marlin Hotel is located in the bay of the city of Mindelo where they enjoy from a wide open view, that is, a panorama view over the city. The hotel stays just a few minutes from the diving center and also very close to the the beach where.
It is an hotel suitable for tourists looking for a relaxed atmosphere, security and tranquility with a quality care ensuring that our guests feel at home. It has the capacity to receive groups and has also available a nice apartment to rent, situated in the top of the building.
The Hotel also has a Restaurant with diversity of recipes and with local and International cuisine and can provide packages with half board and full board.

Casa Colonial

Casa Colonial is a beautifully restored historic home in the heart of Mindelo, the cultural capital of Cape Verde, on the island of São Vicente.
The house is one of the oldest homes in Mindelo and is perfectly located in a quiet residential street within meters of the Presidential Palace and the cafés, restaurants, bars, and shops of Rua Lisboa.
Casa Colonial has 9 large Double bedrooms (6 with 4-Poster Kingsized beds + 3 large Twin bedrooms). Each room has its own ensuite wet-room with open plan shower and w/c.
Also have a secluded courtyard (Quintal) with a plunge pool and a private roof terrace with views over the city and Monte Cara.

Residencial Mindelo

Mindelo Residencial is a 3 star hotel situated in St John Street (next to Lisbon Street) in the heart of the city, 10 min from the Airport, less than 5 min from the port and from all the major institutions in the city that combines art BEM RECEIVE and morabeza.
It offers its guests 25 rooms spread over two buildings, (MR MR I and II) totally comfortable, furnished and equipped to meet the requirements of customers / guests.
It has a small spectacular and varied breakfast, wifi internet, laundry service everything a customer is looking for that comfort, leisure, rest and quality.

Kira’s Boutique Hotel

Kira’s is a family run boutique hotel operating from the previous Spencer home in Mindelo, Sao Vicente. The name Kira’s is derived from a name that friends called the owner of the original house. You can expect to be treated like one of the family during your stay. With an excellent location in the cultural capital of Cabo Verde, City of Mindelo, Kira’s gives you a boutique experience in a charming environment, decorated with themes related to the Cape Verdean culture. The staff offers to the guests a quality service, in a unique environment, ensuring they feel at home and that their stay in Cape Verde will be memorable. Kira’s boutique hotel offers private areas both indoors and outdoors, where guests can read a book, have a relaxed talk, sunbathe or enjoy a drink.

Prassa 3 Boutique Hotel

Exclusive Boutique Hotel, highly refined in it’s decoration, the Praasa 3 Boutique Hotel offers 8 suites and 1 master suite all spacious and with a modern and new decoration. A unique feeling of Glamour and Morabeza typical of our city, Mindelo. Located in the heart of the city, you can enjoy the Tapas Bar during the day and the Chill Out Bar and restaurant for your most intimate / private moments at night.

Casa Branca Eco Chic

Casa Branca is a boutique hotel located in the Avenue with a magnificent view of one of the bay considered among the most beautiful in the world.
It has 
8 magnificent rooms between them Family Room, Garden Room, Garden Room XL, Suite, Junior Suite, Junior Room, Master Suite, with sophisticated equipment, brand beds Swiss Sense and a chic decor with emphasis on ecological.
We can also enjoy a Bar Lounge with lush and elegant decor, where the customers can enjoy and relax with tropical and exotic cocktails in a perfect combination of tapas and salads assortments.

Residential Jenny

The Residencial Jenny is located in Mindelo. Is located on privileged zone with a spectacular view of the Bay of Porto Grande and the city of Mindelo. Located in the historical center of the city, you are close to several indispensable facilities for your stay: restaurants, bars, banks, shops, among many others.
The Residential Jenny has at your disposal 24 rooms (of which 5 with sea view, 13 overlooking the courtyard – doubles, singles and twins – and 06 suites) large, bright, pleasant, elegantly decorated and with spectacular views of the Bay Porto Grande and the cosmopolitan city of Mindelo. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom with hot and cold water, TV, air conditioning, minibar and wireless internet. Breakfast is included in the prices.

Aquiles Eco-Hotel

The powerful nature of Sao Pedro’s beautiful beach inspired the design of the Aquiles Eco Hotel. It could not be otherwise, given the natural beauty and the strong character of the site.
This is not a typical hotel.
Eco Hotel means an hotel or accommodation that has made important environmental improvements to its structure in order to minimize its impact on the environment. The basic definition of a green hotel is an environmentally responsible lodging that follows the practices of green living.
The Eco-Hotel re-uses water in order to preserve as much as possible this precious global resource, which in Cape Verde is particularly valuable, due to its scarcity.
13 rooms with a basic configuration to fit with the simple village living. They consist in a simple portal “skeleton” made by 8×8 wooden bars, and a “skin” of assembled wooden panels. No need of air conditioning due to the crossed ventilation. No television, as we aim to encourage the discovery of the village and the open-air experiences instead of staying in the rooms. On the other side we offer wi-fi connection in the common spaces to be linked with the world. Low tech installation and few visual information let the visitors experience themselves and the surrounding environment.

Need help?

We can offer special packages hotel + diving + transfers at very interesting conditions to any of the hotels listed bellow. We can also offer you an interesting solution for car renting, through our partner Foya Branca.